How to make a Model Milking Cow or Goat
Image A short guide to constructing the extremely popular model milking cow or goat.

1. Cut out two cow shapes from hard board or mdf.

2. Strengthen the back of the shapes with a framework as shown.

Alternatively you could make a milking goat using this template.



3. Join the top rails of the frame using hinges.

4. Make udder from a pink bucket and four calf feeder teats. A board that rests on the bottom rails of the frame supports the udder.



5. With the udder in place the base of the cow is secured using two pieces of wood to join the legs together.

6. Attach a tail to the cow’s bottom.

7. Paint your cow!

Image 8. Fact flaps can be added to one side of the cow. Cut shapes from mdf and attach to cow using leather or hinges. Under the flaps you can put your cow facts. A few suggestions might be:

Foul Fact: Depending on diet a cow produces 150 litres of saliva a day.
Name Fact: A young cow is called a heifer until she has her first calf at around two years old.
Body Fact: Milk is an excellent source of calcium, important for healthy bones and teeth.
Food fact: In the summer a cow will eat about 100kg of grass a day (in the winter they will eat pickled grass called silage)
Thirsty fact: A dairy cow will drink about 60 litres of water a day
Baby fact: A cow is pregnant for nine months (the same as a human.)
Milky fact: A dairy cow will produce about 30 litres of milk a day.