Teaching Activities

Poultry Education Initiative

A set of curriculum linked lesson activities and teacher’s notes for you to download.

Through lesson suggestions, case studies and video clips we hope to explain the processes involved in poultry production in a way that will engage your pupils, demystify the industry and illustrate the very clear links to topical issues such as our food, farming and the environment.

The lesson suggestions and support materials will enable your pupils to develop their enquiry skills, be involved in decision making experiences and be actively engaged in finding out about a growing industry that plays a significant part in their lives and will offer job opportunities in the future. 


The complete pack of teaching activities.

Lesson 1 Why do we choose poultry?

Lesson 2 How significant is the poultry industry?

Lesson 3 Why is welfare so important to the poultry industry?

Lesson 4 Who works in the poultry industry?


Further Resources

The British Poultry Council has further resources on their site which may be useful in support of your teaching: