Take part in Empty Classroom Day 2013!
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 12:24

Empty Classroom Day logoThis years Empty Classroom Day is to take place on Friday July 5th.


The Empty Classroom Day was created by a collection of organisations who met at London Sustainable Schools Forum (LSSF) and all support learning outside, school grounds and growing. The day was developed to help schools benefit from outdoor learning and share their best practice with other schools. Schools are signing up to support outdoor learning and to show that one class will be learning outside for one lesson on Friday 5th July 2013.


See the poster and how to sign up here


Everyone benefits from learning outside*;

young people will get the chance to learn in new, more relevant and exciting ways – in particular these can benefit those who find classroom learning difficult
teachers will be able to broaden and deepen their teaching skills and subject knowledge while working with more motivated pupils
the school can use these new approaches to raise achievement
the wider community can benefit through involvement in, for example, developing school gardens of all kinds, leading to a wider understanding of issues such as healthy eating, sustainability and caring for the environment.

The suggested theme for this year is "from tiny seed to tasty mouthful!" Pupils could be doing anything from planting and gardening, to cooking and having picnics, to making art on city farms. Learning outside the classroom can be fun, memorable and healthy. By signing up to the Empty Classroom Day schools are joining together so many pupils experience the benefits of learning outside on Friday 5th July 2013. Schools join in by visiting the Empty Classroom Page and signing up.