Stories from the Fields
Monday, 03 March 2014 10:25

tallyslogo 3'Stories from the Fields' is a free online resource, aimed at Key Stage 2 children (age 7-11 years old), that explores some of the changes that farmers in Cornwall have witnessed within living memory. This can be found at www.farmingstories.com.

On this website you will find a series of digital stories (2-3 minute long, narrative based films) made with farmers around Cornwall.  To accompany these stories are a range of discussion points and activities to further engage children with Cornwall’s farming heritage.
Activities on this website cover different areas of the 2014 National Curriculum but focus on 3 central areas; English, History and Art. The resource has been produced by Visual Artists Kim Pilgrim, Ali Roscoe & Sarah Chapman, and so uses a range of creative techniques to further learning through Art.
This resource was created as part of ‘Tallys an Tir; Traditions & Stories of the Land;’ a project led by the Institute of Cornish Studies and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and FEAST Cornwall. For more on this project please visit www.cornishstories.com.