Long Clawson Dairy Visit


Long Clawson Dairy and Brickfield Farm in Leicestershire worked with FACE to provide a local school with an insight into the exciting science behind Stilton cheese making.

The Programme

Key to the organisation of the event was farmer, dairy director and FACE member Peter Darlington. He liaised between the school, the farm and the dairy and facilitated the involvement of dairy staff, a dairy hygienist and a vet. The FACE East Midlands co-ordinator, Bobbie Harvey, helped to arrange the visit and worked hard on the day to make sure the children were as actively involved as possible and to answer their questions.


www.clawson.co.uk : more detail on the making of Stilton cheese
www.clawson.co.uk : Long Clawson Dairy
www.stiltoncheese.com : the Stilton Cheesemakers’ Association
www.specialistcheesemakers.co.uk: the Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association
www.britishcheese.com: the British Cheese Board

The morning session was spent at Long Clawson Dairy. First of all the children were introduced to the day and were given a presentation. This looked at the potential pathogens in milk, where they might be found and the hygiene procedures necessary to eliminate them. The children discovered how raw milk is tested and learnt about the nutritional content of milk and other dairy products. They were told what “friendly bacteria” are and why we need them in cheese production. Finally, the process of Blue Stilton production was summarised before the group set off into the dairy to witness the Stilton cheese being made

In the afternoon the children moved to Brickfield Farm, which supplies its milk to the

Particular thanks to Peter Darlington and Long Clawson Dairy for arranging this special day and to all those who gave their time so readily to help young people learn more about this fascinating area of food production.