Geography - Skills Sharing

Geography-Skills-SharingA brand new Geography resource is now available as the result of a skills sharing day with experienced educators in the beautiful Peak District.

The downloadable publication demonstrates geography activities which can be more widely used or adapted for use in different outdoor settings.

Barnaby bear goes to the canal

BarnabyBritish Waterways Wow Education team has developed a new resource "Barnaby bear goes to the canal."

Follow Barnaby as he visits the canal and learns all the fantastic things that can be done at the canal today.


Download the resource here.

Look Windwards!

ImageLook Windwards! is a  resource produced in conjunction with Windward Bananas for Geography teachers. The resource focuses on the Windward Isles as a global place and looks at many topics including Fairtrade, Banana growing and Tourism.

Produced by teachers for teachers.

Go to the resource

Food Stories

Food StoriesThe British Musuem 'Food Stories' interactive website is designed primarily for KS3 and KS4 citizenship and geography students. It traces the amazing changes that have taken place in the UK's food culture over the last century. Play with colourful animations and listen to audio interviews from the British Library Sound Archive to investigate the ways in which food relates to identity, cultural diversity, the environment, technology, farming, shopping, travel and much more...


Using the Local Environment

A series of fieldwork documents for KS3 Geography.

Title Download
How farmers make decisions howfarmersmakedecisions.doc (73kb)
Footpath Erosion and Soil Compaction footpatherosion.doc (38kb)
Using local maps usinglocalmaps.doc (49kb)
Using the local environment usingthelocalenvironment.doc (41kb)
Using the local environment 2 usingthelocalenvironment2.doc (76kb)
Know your Grid Square knowyourgridsquare.doc (50kb)

Rocks and Soils

SoilsAll our resources on rocks and soil can be found here.


Visit the Rocks and Soils resources.

The Dairy Food Chain Challenge
The Dairy Food Chain ChallengeThis is an educational resource for Key Stage 3-4 designed to explore the structure of the Dairy Food Chain and to raise awareness of the opportunities for business improvement in the Dairy Industry.

This resource consists of an Introduction and a Powerpoint presentation accompanied by resources for students to use in a day-long investigation into the dairy food chain.

The investigation involves a farm visit and a role-play decision-making exercise followed by presentations.

Testing Weather Lore


This fascinating article on weather lore was written by Peter Freeland and was published by the Association for Science Education in the School Science Review, September 2006: both have kindly given permission for its reproduction here.

The article collects together rhymes and sayings about the weather and suggests activities so that pupils can use their own recorded data to test weather-related hypotheses.

Using the Local Environment and Land Use

FACE would like to thank members of the Geography Department of Furze Platt Senior School who designed this unit. We also acknowledge the authors of Cookham Voices - Ann Danks and Chrissie Rosenthal whose book is used in the Virtual Field Walk.

The Geography Department at Furze Platt Senior School(FPSS), Maidenhead, Berkshire have developed their own unit of work for Year 7 in order to introduce pupils to geographical enquiry by using the countryside very near to the school. Furze Platt school is situated on the A308 on the very edge of Maidenhead and overlooks green belt land. The majority of the pupils live in an urban environment. Large modern housing estates adjacent to the school contrast with the farm land opposite the site.


Farming as a business

A PowerPoint presentation by Elizabeth Frearson of Bourton Manor Farm near Devizes in Wiltshire, completed as part of her Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme (CEVAS) portfolio.

The presentation comprises a series of farm profile slides for KS2 and 3 Geography linking farm scale, shape and size to land use and farm outputs

Title Download
Farming as a business farmingasabusiness.ppt (6.03mb)

FACE thanks Elizabeth Frearson for her kind permission to use this work.