LOtC Quality Badge
LOtC Quality Badge

The LOtC Quality Badge provides for the first time a national award combining the essential elements of provision - learning and safety - into ONE easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for ALL types of learning outside the classroom provider organisation.

What are the benefits of the LOtC Quality Badge?

The LOtC Quality Badge reduces the red tape associated with learning outside the classroom, making it easier for teachers and other education providers to incorporate LOtC into the everyday curriculum. This increases the likelihood of children having the opportunity to have wider educational experiences which directly benefit their educational attainment and social and emotional development.

As well as providing a robust indicator of the quality of your provision, the LOtC Quality Badge is also a useful development tool and you will receive support from Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC) staff in developing, improving and marketing your provision.

CLOtC has worked closely with the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) members, who are responsible for approving LOtC activities (visits) within Local Authorities, in the ongoing development of the accreditation scheme. In March 2010 OEAP endorsed the LOtC Quality Badge; to date over 80% of advisors in England have publically pledged to support the LOtC Quality Badge, recommending the award to their schools as a robust indicator of good quality teaching and learning experiences and effective risk management. In these authorities the award is accepted in place of much of the paperwork required for visits to non-accredited providers.

To find out more about the LOtC Quality Badge, including how farms can achieve accreditation, please visit www.lotcqualitybadge.org.uk.