West Midlands Poetry Competition
Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:43

Cutting Art Gallery 18We are pleased to be able to announce the first FACE 'Farming and Countryside Poetry Competition' in the West Midlands region.

A superb prize of a Mobile Farm visit to the school of the winning entry. The competition could fit in nicely with work in literacy, particularly leading up to Harvest and also National Poetry Day on Thursday 3rd October. The theme is very broad to enable teachers flexibility-Food Farming and Countryside. You might wish to focus thoughts about favourite foods, healthy foods or the importance of farms and  the beauty of nature ( farm and wild animals) and the countryside? Perhaps you can use the opportunity to get pupils to think about the natural resources we all enjoy from the land, or address a sustainability theme to get people thinking?

Some of the best entries will be published on the FACE website, and FACE will organise for a mobile farm to visit your school sometime in the summer term 2014-all expenses paid!

This is great chance to get children writing, so whether just one or two classes, a key stage, or even the whole school have a go, it's up to you.Please send us just the BEST FIVE poems from each class by 30th November 2013. (Please note: we cannot return entries). Full details can be found here.

And good luck!