Farms shortlisted for Bayer/FACE Awards
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 13:06

BayerFACE_LogoFarmers have been shortlisted for 5 different categories of Awards


       Access Award

Farmers who demonstrate outstanding achievement in the area of encouraging access for pupils with special needs, disaffected students or disadvantaged young people.  Working with a school or group to identify the best way of providing a meaningful learning experience. Shortlisted Farmers are:

Briddlesford Lodge Farm from Wootton in Isle of Wight

Deen City Farm from Merton Abbey in London

Densholme Farm from Great Hatfield in Hull

Farmer Gow's from Faringdon in Oxfordshire

Highfield Happy Hens near Derby

Treflach Farm from Oswestry in Shropshire


      Biodiversity Award

Farmers who encourage young people to develop a greater understanding of biodiversity generally or for a specific species.  Highlighting the importance of biodiversity, which is vital to a region’s wildlife survival. Shortlisted Farmers are:

Butterfly Lodge from Colchester in Essex

FAI Farms from Oxford

Bull Farm from Kenley in Shropshire

Fairchilds Lodge from Market Harborough in Leicestershire

Mill Bank Farm near Battle in East Sussex


       Farm to the Classroom Award

Farmers making a valuable contribution to school life away from the farm, whether it be covering curriculum activities, setting up a school farmers' market or helping with growing activities, as not all farms are conducive to hosting educational visits, the emphasis is on bringing expertise to the school. Shortlisted Farmers are:

Warriner School Farm from Banbury in Oxfordshire

Waterlane Farm from Headcom in Kent

Newbury and District Agricultural Society in Berkshire

Rowley Farm from Slough


       Careers on the Farm Award

Farmers who is making an outstanding contribution to an understanding of careers in the countryside.  Activities may include offering work experience, supporting vocational qualifications and promoting the many and varied jobs in the countryside. Shortlisted Farmers are:

Dorrington Hall Farm from Cheshire

Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd from Shropshire

Rylands Farm from Dorset

Warden Farming from Gainsborough


       Innovative Learning Award

Farmer who has developed and implemented new learning experiences which are seen to have inspired and encouraged young people, as how a farm experience is provided can make all the difference between a useful school visit and a truly memorable one! Shortlisted Farmers are:

Barleylands from Essex

Glendale Agricultural Society in Northumberland

J Hoskin & Son from Dorset

Oadby Lodge from Gartree Road

Rand Farm Park from Linconshire


The winner for each category will be announced in September at an Awards Ceremony in London