FACE releases report into impact of Initial Teacher Training
Monday, 13 July 2015 09:44

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Supported by funding from AHDB Dairy, FACE has been able to deliver training in teaching about food, farming and the countryside to 380 students enrolled on teacher training courses such as the PGCE. We recently reviewed the impact these course have had on trainees over the past three years.

In 2014 we worked with 1,072 teachers, our 59 industry partners, and 127 farm members to enable 28,806 children to learn more about food, farming and the countryside. Ultimately, we would want every child in England and Wales to have first-hand experience of growing and cooking food, the chance to learn outdoors on a regular basis including on farms, and gain a more holistic understanding of food growing and production at scale. The demand from schools to do more is there, but with limited resource, we must target our efforts efficiently.

That is why we are taking impact measurement seriously. This, our first study of its kind, seeks to get behind the numbers and the satisfaction scores, and start to make sense of where we are delivering real value and creating behaviour change that will contribute to our big goals.

Initial Teacher Training has been a very important strand of our work for some time, and has the potential to deliver long term benefits to children throughout each teacher’s career. So this is where we started, and the results have already exceeded our expectations. The investigation has also taken us into other key areas of our work, and has set up for us a framework for embedding not only evaluation but also long-term impact measurement across all of what we do.

We aim to extend our impact measurement to other areas of our work in the coming year, and in time to make it a core feature of each of our activities, across all of our channels, for all of our stakeholder groups.

Read the report.