FACE funding drives partnership working in areas of need
Monday, 20 January 2014 14:47

The Prince's Countryside FundFACE is delighted to have received a significant grant from the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) to work with children in areas of deprivation.

The organisation has been awarded £150,000 over a two year period to target 150 schools so that an additional 9,000 pupils will be inspired to learn about where their food comes from, the importance of farming and its benefit for the natural landscape.

FACE benefited from a £50,000 grant last year and PCF trustees were impressed by the breadth of work undertaken including professional development and training for teachers and trainee teachers, farm visits and other school based projects. For example, a workshop was held in Derby where teachers¬ were introduced to what farmers are doing to help improve the biodiversity of their farms and how some of these activities can be transferred to school grounds.

On another occasion, pupils from a Referral Unit in Buckinghamshire were taken on a farm visit. Their teacher commented: “The children were amazed at the whole experience and loved the relative freedom that being on the farm gave them compared to being in school. The visual impact of this trip is likely to be a real benefit for these children who usually experience working memory difficulties.  It was a fantastic visit.”

FACE plans to continue these activities to engage more teachers and pupils but in addition, the grant will help to facilitate greater partnership working.  Dan Corlett, Chief Executive of FACE, said “There are many organisations working in our sector and we all have the same overall ambition: to prepare today’s schoolchildren for the challenge of feeding the world’s population of the future sustainably and healthily.  We need to work more collaboratively to maximise our efforts and this funding will help us to do this.”