Timeline of events

Some of the controversies in agriculture can be treated as a timeline of events. Statements can be put onto a set of cards for students to discuss, sort, classify and display. The students should be left free to choose and justify their criteria.

Jan 1Another year begins with mild weather allowing us to make a good start
Feb 2Confirmed cases of Foot and Mouth Disease are just 10 miles away
Mar 3Disinfectant straw lies across the end of the farm drive, with a bucket and brush available for those who choose to use it. What more can we do? These efforts seem futile; a token gesture
Apr 4The practicalities of no stock movements are proving difficult in day-to-day farm management as lambing looms and space here is limited
May 5If Foot and Mouth Disease gets closer, grazing safety must be considered as there would be a greater risk of cows catching air-borne virus
June 6
Smelling the acrid smoke around the yard first thing in the morning, brought here on the wind from one of a dozen or so pyres we can see most days, isn't the best start to the day
July 7
No new cases of Foot and Mouth Disease have been confirmed locally today for the first time since the outbreak
Aug 8
Sometimes a gentle stroll down the track at dusk is required to restore a sense of proportion. How lucky we are to be able to live and work amid such beauty
Sept 9
With sheep auctions a long way off restarting, the local auctioneers organised a video sale
Oct 10After an eight-month break we have started the local farm project meetings again. It was really good to get together and start looking forward