A quiz to find out students' initial thoughts on countryside matters is a straightforward way to engage interest. A head count or more sophisticated way of recording votes can be useful for certain questions. The same question can be posed after the debate to see if students' attitudes have changed. Examples of some quiz questions follow. Answers in bold type need to be changed before giving out to students!

1. The total amount of land used for farming in the UK is
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75%

2. Which is the odd one out?
Wheat is used to make
a. plastics
b. bread
c. carpets

3. The amount of European Union money spent on agricultural projects to improve the environment is
a. £50 million
b £150 million
c £300 million

4. Which of these crops is not grown by farmers in the UK?
a. Hemp
b. Maize
c. Rice

5. Which of the following is false
a. The Environment Agency helps prevent flooding
b. The Environment Agency looks after food standards
c. The Environment Agency encourages care of the environment

6. In a supermarket a pint of milk costs about 28p. The farmer gets paid
a. 9p
b. 17p
c. 21p

7. Silage is
a. the manure/waste from cows
b. stored grass
c. a rock band with attitude

8. The number of trees that farmers have planted in the last ten years is approximately
a. 30 million
b. 60 million
c. 90 million

9. Margarine comes from
a. Cows
b. Oilseed crops
c. Barley

10. Which of the following is not farmed in the UK?
a. worms
b. snails
c. ground beetles

11. Which government agency is responsible for access to the countryside?
a. Environment Agency
b. English Nature
c. Countryside Agency

12. How many people in England and Wales live in flood risk areas?
a. 1 million
b. 5 million
c. 10 million

13. What has the countryside ever done for you?
a. Nothing. I am not interested in the countryside.
b. The countryside is useful because it gives us food and a place for leisure activities.
c. There is no difference between town and country because everything is interconnected.