Compass Rose

Birmingham Development Education Centre produced a useful tool called the Compass Rose.

This can be applied to the exploration of any issue by encouraging pupils to start asking questions about the influences of environmental, social, political and economic dimensions.

The Compass Rose
Making Links

These are questions about the environment - the land, the sea, living things, and their relationship to each other. These questions are about the built as well as the ‘natural' environment


Who (political)
These are questions about power, who makes choices and decides what is to happen; who benefits or loses as a result of these decisions; and at what cost

compass rose

These questions are about money, trading and ownership, buying and selling


These are questions about people, their relationships, their traditions, culture and the way they live. They include questions about how, for example, gender, race, disability, class and age affect social relations

What are
your questions?
Courtesy of Birmingham Development Education Centre