Handling Controversial Issues - Flooding

FloodingThis booklet has been produced to help young people:

  • Learn about flooding, its causes and effects
  • Judge the bias and reliability of different sources of  information
  • Draw their own conclusions having analysed and reflected on their own current views
  • Make informed decisions

When handling controversial issues teachers will need to employ approaches that meet the need for balance and objectivity and to ensure avoiding bias. The Oxfam Global Citizenship Guide on Teaching Controversial Issues (2006) contains helpful suggestions on appropriate ways of introducing controversial issues and of managing the responses that result.

These include:

  • Setting ground rules e.g. showing respect for the views of others, using appropriate language and giving reasons for having a particular view
  • Role of the teacher e.g. objective, devil’s advocate or declared interest
  • Teaching approaches e.g. group discussion, role-play and community of enquiry

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