Biodiversity Project

CatepillarFACE promotes farm visits where children can find out how farmers look after the farm environment and thereby encourage a wide diversity of wildlife.

A folder of activities has been produced to accompany farm trips along with a poster highlighting the environmental work done by farmers today.

The field work activity sheets for the Biodiversity Project are available to download below.

Introduction including Identification Sheets
Section 5 - Soils
Section 6 - Hedgerows, field margins and boundaries
Sheet 1 - Where do minibeasts live?
Sheet 2 - What lives where?
Sheet 3 - Tree fact file
Sheet 4 - Age a tree
Sheet 5 - Leaf shapes
Sheet 6 - Map of an ant's trail
Sheet 7 - Seed hunt
Sheet 8 - Flower fact file
Sheet 9 - Bird spotting
Sheet 10 (Decribing Soil) and Sheet 11 (Soil Test)
Sheet 12 (Soil Settling Test) and Sheet 13 (Triangular Graph)
Sheet 14 (Looking at a Soil Sample) and Sheet 15 (Create a Soil Map)
Sheet 16 - Investigating Soil Compaction
Sheet 17 (Boundary Tally) and Sheet 18 (Biodiversity on the Boundary)
Sheet 19 (Biodiversity Sketches) and Sheet 20 (Good Habitat, Bad Habitat)
Sheet 21 (Investigating Hedge Species Diversity) and Sheet 22 ( Stone Wall and Fences as Field Boundaries)
Sheet 23 (Field Landscapes - Part 1) and Sheet 24 (Field Landscapes - Part 2)

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