Rus in urbe - Bolton University Photography Exhibition

Bolton University Photography ExhibitionFACE sponsored these photos at the Bolton University Photography exhibition "Rus in urbe" held in Manchester in January 2012.

It was a great way for FACE to be recognised in a very urban setting.

If anyone is interested in commissioning the young photographers or contacting them about their work they would be delighted. Some of the work is for sale as original limited print runs.

Art and Farming in Britain

Art and Farming in BritainFACE has commissioned artist Georgina Barney to look at how Art and Farming are related.

This resource is made up of 12 documents which can be downloaded here.

How are they related and why does it matter?

I define ‘farming’ as the production of food from the environment, and activities which surround that process.  Art is the production of meaning, through man-made images, objects and activities.  The purpose of this resource is to explore how ‘Art’ and ‘Farming’ are related.  It is hoped that this will inform and provide stimulus for thought for those interested in art and agriculture, particularly students and their tutors.