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Countryside Classroom is the largest ever partnership of organisations who are committed to helping children learn about food, farming and/or the natural environment.



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Farm Profiles

Farm Profiles

Providing detailed descriptions of a variety of farm and horticulture businesses throughout the country

Crunch & Sprout

Crunch & Sprout

Love it Eat it offers a pair of publications filled with interesting facts about the food we grow here in Britain.

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Members Only Resources

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Alan's Updates

A regular quarterly feature on the FACE website aiming to summarise current countryside issues briefly and impartially.

Date Description Download
Spring 2012

In this edition:

  • The water white paper
  • The UK food market
  • Food waste
  • Understanding the science behind the animal
  • Methane from ruminant livestock
  • Continous housing of dairy cows
  • Upland farming
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • and finally...


Winter 2010

In this edition:

  • Higher level skills
  • Robotics
  • Food security, farming and climate change to 2050
  • Farmers and climate change
  • Climate change and woodlands
  • Farming poverty
  • and finally...


Summer 2010

In this edition:

  • Food Security
  • Agriculture and the environment - some facts and figures
  • The Food Chain - facts and figures
  • Local food
  • And finally...


Spring 2009

In this edition:

  • Supplying local food to mainstream customers
  • British seasonal fruit and veg
  • Rural ageing workforce
  • and finally...


Summer 2008 In this edition:
  • Sate of farming
  • Bovine Tuberculosis - an insoluable problem?
  • and finally...
Spring 2008

In this edition:

  • The great land use debate
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from rural land
  • and finally...


Autumn 2007 In this edition:
  • A snapshot of farming
  • The state of the countryside
  • A new disease threatened Britain’s livestock
Summer 2007

In this edition:

  • The Royal Show
  • Great North Meet
  • Population and migration
  • Migrant workers
  • Biodiversity
  • Methane, cattle and climate change
  • Ecotherapy


Winter 2007 In this edition:
  • Do we need intensive farming?
  • Bio-refineries instead of oil refineries
  • Should the UK produce more of its own food?
Autumn 2006 In this edition:
  • Farmers and weather
  • Farmers care for the landscape
  • Wild bird populations
Summer 2006 In this edition:
  • New opportunities for food
  • Is farming no place for wildlife?
  • Affordable Housing in the countryside
  • Carbon aware land management

Spring 2006

In this edition:
  • delays farmers have had getting their EU support payments,
  • likely impacts of climate change on farming and what farming can do to help to reduce global warming and
  • cows, badgers and TB.

Winter 2005

This edition contains some key facts about rural England and explains why the profitability of farming is under pressure.


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