About FACE

What is FACE?

FACE is a registered charity which is independent of any political party or movement.

We rely on donations, fees and subscriptions to carry out our work.

Our aim is to educate children and young people about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.

See the FACE Strategic Plan 2013 - 2015


What does FACE do?

For a summary of what FACE offers to schools read:
Countryside Matters - Your guide to resources, activities and farm visits.

Child with eggsWe have over 80 partner membership organisations. All have a commitment to educational work associated with food, farming and the countryside. We are always keen to recruit more members, from any part of the sector, who share our aims and objectives and would like to work in partnership. For more information about how to join FACE please go to the "Membership" section on this website.

There is widespread concern about the way children, young people, and their families, have become disassociated from where their food comes from and do not know what is required for a healthy diet and lifestyle. They are also unaware of the many opportunities in the countryside for leisure and social activities, and for employment.

FACE aims to meet these educational needs by working with our members and partners to promote visits to farms, and to provide easy access to a wide range of high-quality educational resources and activities to complement both school-based studies and outdoor visits.

Our work with schools and young people is highly successful because of the immediate and widespread benefits of visits to the outdoors, and of using food, farming and the countryside to support many aspects of the curriculum.


FACE’s activities aim to:

Children planting potatoesstimulate interest and excitement;
• link to all aspects and stages of the school curriculum;
• allow pupils to see rural activities such as food production first-hand;
• introduce pupils to a host of leisure activities in the countryside;
• introduce pupils to rural career opportunities and the world of work.


Who does FACE work with?

Girl making breadPupils and teachers… FACE provides a one-stop enquiry service; extensive high-quality curriculum resources; support from our team of Regional Education Co-ordinators; links with farmers and the rural industries; training for teachers (read our 2015 report into the impact of our Initial Teacher Training).

Farmers... FACE provides workshops, seminars, support and advice; an accreditation system for countryside visits; links between schools and farms.

Partners... FACE promotes the common interests of its members; provides help with education projects; keeps them abreast of current developments in education; promotes their educational resources and activities.

Government... FACE sits on a range of committees and groups representing our members and contributing to policy development by government and sector bodies.

Media... Our work has been featured in both the educational and farming media: stories have appeared in the Times Educational Supplement; Farmers Weekly, the Radio 4’s children’s programme ‘Go For It’ and many more.


What else does FACE do to help achieve its aims?


FACE is unique in the sector because all of our work is underpinned by research and monitoring. We have achieved real value for money by multiplying seed funding through partnership with co-funders. Research also provides the basis for seminars and conferences, which are made available to our members and supporters at competitive rates.

Curriculum support through the development of new resources

Work is constantly going on to produce new materials to support curriculum delivery in schools. One recent development is a free resource to support the delivery of Key Stage 3 and 4 geography, focusing on the Windward Isles as a global place and looking at many topics including Fairtrade, Banana growing and Tourism.. For more information on this and many other materials please see the “Resources” section on this website.